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Outbound Sales Development Representative

Meetingjump specializes in providing B2B companies with top-tier Outbound Sales Development resources.

Outbound SDR

Say “Hello” To Your New Sales Development Team

Meetingjump is a top-rated B2B lead generation agency based in Miami, FL that specializes in creating and executing tailor-made outbound sales and marketing strategies. 

Whether you already have a Sales Development team in place, or you’re looking to start outbound sales for the first time – Meetingjump can help!

1. Intensive Research
We kick off every new client with an intense two-week research period to dive deep into your key prospect’s profile and identify sample high-value accounts to target. 

2. Training & Interview
While our backend team dives deep into your business and industry, your’ll meet with our in-house Sales Development talent to choose the best image for your company. 

3. Campaign Strategy 
After your team is hand-picked, we custom build your exact campaigns we’ll use for prospecting and delivering high quality meetings with key decision makers. 

4. Implementation
Once your custom B2B outbound strategy has been crafted, our team gets to work executing your play-by-play campaign and begin prospecting. 

Let Our Team Craft & Execute A Custom Outbound Sales Strategy For Your B2B Company

We’re Data-Driven

At every stage of our relationship, our decisions are based on data and hundreds of KPIs

Finding Your Niche

When researching your industry, we use data from hundreds of different industries to find your perfect niche – and start targeting it.

Optimizing Your Sales Cycle

We audit your entire sales process to identify inefficiencies to streamline your cycle. 

Hyper-Targeting At Scale

We hand-pick hundreds of key prospects for our SDR teams to target, based on your niches, industry, and past-performance. 

We Track Everything

Using our custom, state-of-the-art software, we track every single interaction prospects have with your brand, and optimize at every step.

Ready to grow your pipeline?

Meetingjump works with your company at a fraction of the typical in-house cost. 

Outbound SDR
We Prospect, You Sell Your Products & Services

Leverage An Omni-Channel Approach

Meetingjump takes an omni-channel approach to prospecting, leveraging a variety of communication channels to reach potential clients and schedule more meetings. By utilizing a combination of email, phone, and social media, Meetingjump is able to reach prospects where they are most active and engaged. This multi-channel approach allows the company to maximize the potential for scheduling a meeting with a key prospect.

In addition to increasing the reach of prospecting efforts, the omni-channel approach also provides Meetingjump with valuable insights into the behavior and preferences of potential clients. This data is then used to refine and optimize the prospecting process, leading to even better results. With an omni-channel approach, Meetingjump is able to achieve higher response rates and a higher rate of scheduled meetings for clients, providing a comprehensive and effective solution for B2B sales development. The result is increased sales and revenue for clients, all while saving them valuable time and resources.

Smarter Data, More Personalized Targeting

Data Powered By Artificial Intelligence

Meetingjump leverages the power of artificial intelligence to streamline the process of targeting and engaging with key prospects. Meetingjump’s AI algorithms analyze data on the target market, including demographic information, past purchase behavior, and engagement history, to create a hyper-personalized approach to each prospect. This allows Meetingjump to effectively target and engage with the right people at the right time, increasing the likelihood of a positive response and scheduling a meeting.

In addition to AI-powered targeting, Meetingjump also utilizes hyper-personalization in its email communication with prospects. The company’s platform automatically inserts personalized details such as the recipient’s name and company information, making each email feel unique and tailored to the individual. By combining AI-powered targeting and hyper-personalized emails, Meetingjump is able to deliver an effective and scalable solution for B2B sales development. The result is increased efficiency and a higher response rate, leading to more scheduled meetings and increased sales for clients.

Outbound SDR

Meet Your Meetingjump Team


Your researcher identifies key prospects within different industries and niches. 

Sales Development Representative

Your Sales Development Representative hyper-targets using an omni-channel approach. 

Outbound SDR
Lead Generator

Your Lead Generator uses hand-picked lists to find your prospect’s contact information. 

Success Manager

Your Success Manager oversees your entire team and is your main point of contact while working with Meetingjump.

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